The Telit GM862-QUAD mounted on a Spark Fun GM862 EVK V3 RS232 breakout board was found in the bay in the fall of 2011. The board is dated 12/12/06. It has the Telit chip, a power input and an RS232 connection.

It takes AT commands and with the addition of a SIM card, seems to be able to place calls, send and receive SMS messages, and "has the full range of GPRS functionality".

Connecting to a computerEdit

Breakout board datasheet:[http://] SUPER USEFUL (for starting anyways)

Power: 5 - 12V (currently only tested with 5V)

Interface: RS232 (Serial). As of January 2012, the Keyspan USA-19 adapter we have doesn't have a proper driver that we can install on Windows 7 (company was bought out and only offers driver for newer models, vast internet search resulted in a 32 bit driver that didn't work). Need to buy a new one.

Procedure that worked (with some wizardry help from Stephen):Edit

  • Use the computer with linuxMint installed.
  • Open GtkTerm (listed as "Serial port terminal" from the menu)
  • Configuration -> port. Set the port to /dev/ttyUSB0, speed to 9600 baud, parity none, bits 8, stopbits 1, flowcontrol none.
  • Press and hold the ON/OFF button on the board for 1-2 seconds
  • Type "AT" and press enter. The board should respond with "OK"

Talking to the boardEdit

AT commands:

Text Messaging!Edit

Follow setup for connecting to computer above.

Using AT&T Sim card (long story) First line (AT+CMGF=1) only has to be entered once presumably until reboot

Used module with antenna extender - only worked when a wire was poked in the end. Look into buying/ finding an actual antenna. In AT commands pdf : errors around page 16

Send Message:
AT+CMGF=1 <enter>
AT+CMGS="6135551234" <enter> //number in national format = 6135551234
Goes into an input mode with prompt ">"
<enter message>
(ctrl+z (0x1A) then <enter> to send, or ESC (0x1B) then <enter> to cancel and not send)
(replies with +CMGS: <message reference> or +CGMS ERROR: 331 for not network service)

Read new message:
pg 223
We tried a few values for index - found it at index 1...
otherwise got +CMS ERROR: 321
which is invalid memory index.

More InfoEdit

Lots of info and many many manuals about the RM862-QUAD module itself

Info about the breakout board (our module does not have GPS or Python support)

Some information from a previous person who tried interfacing with an arduino. Good place to start. Including

  • Starting and stopping the module
  • Initialization
  • Sending of SMS
  • Requesting GPS position and parsing the result(ours does not have GPS)
  • Opening a socket, writing and reading (used to talk HTTP) over GPRS