We sent zigbee data at the same time as controlling motors with Pololu and RC mode (through the MUX); sending xbee data from the boat doesnt seem to affect the noise response of the motors (clean with Autonomous control, noisy with RC).

The RC mode is very noisy; look into fixing this.

Still to test: sensors being interferred with


Noise is caused by

  • RC interference
  • cross talk
  • power system can oscillate, due to either sudden changes in power delivered, or due to how voltage is regulated
  • other


Twisting WiresEdit

theres a link for this somewhere, twisting together reduces noise because the B-field induced currents cancel

Useful website with tips for reducing noise

More tips on reducing noise.


move noisy components away, especially the RC radios

-Found out that keeping the RC receiver outside of the box severely reduced amount of noise. Need to find practical solution to keeping the receiver out of the box while making it waterproof.


tin foil?


Capacitors can be used to reduce noise.

Adding capacitors to the servo power supply does not help with noise. Adding a capacitor to the RC signal going to the servos also does not reduce noise.