The turbine is required to charge the batteries during long sails.

Ampair 100Edit

The turbine is an Ampair 100, it produces 100 W at maximum and is designed for all types of weather and rough conditions.


The installation of the turbine is in progress (early July 2013) but is cause for some worry. The manual states it must support a force for 120kg in a horizontal direction. In an email to an engineer at the company, he reccomended it be mounted 2.5 m above the water. This is too great of a height for such a small boat. It has been decided that 1.6m above the water will have to be sufficient. Four guy wires will support the pole, but at the deck level, they need to support apporximately 900lb at a maximum, something the fiberglass may not be built for, even when using an L bracket through the bulk heads.