• GaelForce XL will be sailing from West to East. It will launch from Nova Scotia, and land in Ireland.
  • Measurements: length-3.73m ,beam- 1.5m,  draft-0.98m, weight- 340 kg
  • Powered by 5 deep-cycle marine batteries kept charged by a wind turbine. all computations and communication handled by Raspberry Pi and Arduino Mega 2560. Uses satellite communication to relay position information back to us. All important weather and position data recieved from airmar pb100 weather station, some object avoidance possible thanks to AIS reciever. Rudder operated by 2 servo motors, sail winches operated by 12V DC motors, motor control done by appropriate pololu motor controllers.
  • Both the hull and rig were custom made. The fiberglass hull was built in 2008, but developement was halted until summer 2012. The rig was designed in 2012 and is noteable for the boom being welded to the mast for increased durability. Updates to the boat were made though out 2012 and 2013 including a strengthened hull and adding a keelbulb instead of a weighted keel.