This page is for all the crazy ideas that we think of for improving the boat. Add at your leisure, but please dont delete any of them - no matter how crazy!

  • connectivitty over 3G Ideas
  • Submarine boat to avoid collisions with other boats
  • "Porcupine" boat to sense collisions
  • XBOX driven boat?
  • google earth integrated GUI
  • VHF/UHF revolving-frequency proximity warning
  • depth gauge
  • digital reading of marine charts; path planning
  • velocity prediction; polar plot optimization in real time
  • load cell data transmitted in real time, displayed in GUI
  • Hacking a fish finder, putting it in the bulb of the keel and using it to detect obstacles (there's a New Zealand company that uses NMEA data in their models too apparently!!)
  • Predicting gusts with a barometer
  • Using images/computer vision to detect objects (