Location Calculations

sin law...enjoy

Hey, I'm starting this page to gather ideas on how to use input devices to figure out where possible objests or obstructions could lie relative to the boat. The picture i upload sort of outlines how to tell where an object is relative to the boat (using cameras) once the object of interest is found in the pictures.

This being said there would be a significant margin of error associated with angle measurements due to boat tilt. So the location of the object is only a rough approximation but an approximation could be good enough. Also, kind of obvious, but a camera would only really work during the day.

The hardest part of this process would be to actually locate an object of interest if there is one in the image. So I'm kinda looking at this; not much progress yet, so help is really welcome.

Also, cameras are the only thing I've looked at so far. Other inputs such as radar could likely work much better so we can't really restrict ourselves just to cameras.

Thanks for reading,