Eclipse IDE for arduino, which has cvs and svn support

Arduino IDE


List of mechanical robot simulators

SimulAVR, outdated AVR simulator

Forum posts about simulator software for arduino

Another option might be to set up a remote desktop connection to the bay computer?

ELEC299 SimulatorEdit

Download from the course webpage

  • It doesnt seem to support functions which pass addresses
  • cannot use standard c function names (ie scanf)
  • cannot simulate our hardware additions (only 1 serial port)
  • doesnt like int varname = globalvariablename; error until int varname; varname=globalvariablename;
  • picky about newline locations with if {} else (need to have newline before else)
  • seems great for preliminary code testing
  • doesnt support passing variables by reference (address)
  • doesnt recognize '\n' as a valid character, even with stdio.h
  • doesnt include the String library
  • doesnt include servo motors

In short, there is very little code that we can test with this simulator.