See Raven X for info on the 3G Demo unit we had from Telus

See Telit GM862-QUAD Cellular Communication for the board we found in the bay

See 3G Ideas for some ideas that could be implemented

Cellular Communication Plan (Jan 2012)Edit

We will need satellite communication eventually when crossing the ocean, but in the mean time for testing on Lake Ontario cellular communication seems feasible and significantly less expensive. Valtastik 17:53, January 20, 2012 (UTC) (Valerie) and James are currently working on this project.

We're looking at using the Telit GM862-QUAD (since we already have it, but interfaces with RS-232) but if it proves to be too limiting, we can look at purchasing a Raven X and going back to interfacing with ethernet.

Cell Coverage in Lake OntarioEdit

Rogers seems to have the best coverage, almost all the way to the US border in many places (and we have no intention of going anywhere near the border).

Telus 4G (HSPA+ not LTE) coverage seems to be the best, 3G ok. Bell and Virgin use the same towers. Virgin has prepaid data plans (Jan 2012 - 35$ for 1 gig) so is promising since we wouldn't have to sign a contract in the team's name.

User InterfaceEdit

Two options

  • Work with existing LabView
  • Design custom web-based UI

Work with existing LabViewEdit

Previously, the team had investigated LabView Integration with the Raven X . Much of this seems potentially transferable.

Custom UIEdit

Likely web-based. We'd need web hosting either paid or perhaps talking to EngSoc IT (doit [a t] Currently investigation integration with online Google Earth. Ideally there would be a public version which simply displayed the info being broadcast from the boat, and a private version that would require some sort of login and actually send commands. The feasibility of this option will depend on the results of experimentation with the Telit GM862-QUAD.

Custom UI BrainstormingEdit

Initial thoughts:

Info From BoatEdit

  • location (GPS Lat and Long) - overlayed on Google Maps
  • speed
  • current target
  • heading (compass direction)
  • battery levels


  • Set initial target
  • diagnostics - see if sensors still attached, motors still responding
  • change target (both current and final?)
  • ping any specific item of info from boat listed above