MAST is looking at using a moving ballast to correct heeling. This is a balance and controls problem.

Sensing TiltEdit

Our compass does this. But if we dont want to tie up the serial port, we could get an accelerometer. This would also allow the keel to be controlled by a separate dedicated microcontroller. recommends ADXL335 which I agree with (we're sensing gravity, and for now only 1 axis.. but sensing waves might be useful too?) and the power is easy to get off the arduino.

sensing yaw, and corelating it to steering is also a possibility. a simple, cheap, accessible 3-axis accelerometer is available through the WII nunchuk, with the added bonus that several tutorials are available for arduino/nunchuk communication, for example:

2010 MECH 460Edit

A 460 project was arranged, and results of the team's review are pending. It is currently unclear if the systems presented are usable in their current forms.


#define P 10 //from experiment
void loop(){
tilt = analogueIn(accelPin);
if (tilt > 10 degrees)
  move keel to angle tilt*P;
if (tilt < -10 degrees)
  move keel to angle -tilt*P;
delay (loopDelayTime);

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