Brainstorming resulted in the ideas of:

  • Twitter integration for fun status updates/location
  • video streaming (likely from a commercial surveillance system)
  • Having both the arduino and video streaming would likely require some sort of router/switch
  • General boat data (wind, GPS, heading)
  • control the 3-axis camera and take a picture (would need some sort of real UI)

Current Focus:Edit

  • something fun: Twitter status updates!

Code from Botanicalls:

// Your Token to Tweet (get it from

  1. define TOKEN "14052394-9gYsPnSXTyw0RFVNKMFU14GwNY9RiJXw6Xt3moTkQ"

// (the @botanicallstest account token is "14052394-9gYsPnSXTyw0RFVNKMFU14GwNY9RiJXw6Xt3moTkQ")

  1. if defined(ARDUINO) && ARDUINO > 18
  1. include <SPI.h> // library to support SPI bus interactions with Wiznet module in Arduino versions 19 and above
  1. endif
  1. include <Ethernet.h> // libraries to interact with Wiznet Ethernet
  1. include <EthernetDHCP.h> // library to automatically request an IP address
  1. include <EthernetDNS.h> // library to look up server hostnames
  1. include <Twitter.h> // library to interact with Twitter
  1. include <EEPROM.h> // library to store information in firmware
  1. include <TrueRandom.h> // library for better randomization