The 2m catamaran is a boat being designed over the 2013-2014 school year. It will be a racing swing rig catamaran modelled on other rc sailboats. As it is currently under development, there are a number of details that must still be determined.

Overall DimensionsEdit

Currently it is designed being 1.80m in length, 83cm from center of hull to hull, 


The hulls have been modelled using SolidWorks. The cross section of the boat was designed using a NACA 0030 foil and then scaled up to a size that fits the 1.8m length of the boat. A few cross sections of different sizes were used to have a tapering design. The hulls also have a low point in the middle and loft upwards to the front and stern of the hull. Up to now a daggerboard trunk, bulkheads and sleeves for the 2" cross beams have also been modelled in.


Current Hull Design (Feb. 16, 2014)


The main sail will have an area of 1.07m^2, and will be 0.41m^2 for a total area of 1.48m^2. The estimated wind load at 35 kts is 38.15 kg, based on the "Sail Wind Load Calculator". The main will have a height of ?

Swing RigEdit




The beams will be aluminum, and have a rectangular cross section. The plan is for them to be welded at the McLaughlin Machine shop and heat treated our selves in Nicol Hall.

Currently looking at 2" square tubing.