October 31/2010 Using "sailcut cad", an opensource program for designing sails. Valuable information on using the program to generate sails is available at the Sailcut Handbook. The program functions by taking rig dimensions and user inputs, then calculates the surface of a jib or mainsail.

After the sails are generated in the computer, the program can create printable forms to cut sail cloth around.

Our first test of the program resulted in the creation of two sails "Jib test 1.saildef" and "Main test 1.saildef". These sails were largely guesswork, and a learning exercise, but contained realistic values for hull and rig parameters. Adjustment of luff curves, roach and draft will result in better sails.

{insert sailplan test 1.jpg}

Nov 3/2010

Working off the data used in the creation of "Main test 1" and "Jib test 1", the sails were adjusted to create the first true sail design iteration. These two sails "Main mk1" and "Jib mk1" have less roach and have geometry corrected for our current control system. Both sails need more work, especially with regard to draft location and placement.

{insert sailplan mk2.jpg}

Jan 26/2011

Exporting the "development" of a page to .dxf is the easiest way to print sails at full scale. .dxf viewers are readily available for download .